brain cells and shopping

dolly mama I've accumulated a lot of knowledge blog picOK, I’m honestly starting to scare myself!  I, single handedly figured out how to add the “Pin it” button to my images on my website.  I do not know where or how I figured it out without crashing my whole site. . . but I did it!  I feel like a kid who just learned to tie her shoes!  This part of my newly found brain is fabulously smart and I wonder where it has been my whole life. . .I seriously could have used it about a dozen times. . . just in the past hour!

I wasn’t always like this.  In my day, about 100 years ago when we walked to school uphill and barefoot, I was what one would call a “smart girl”.  So when did the brain cells decide to jump ship?  And how did I get them back at the age of 50?  Here is my theory. .

When my daughter Zoe was born 20 years ago, I breast-feed her for 8 months until she weaned me.  About that time I noticed I became a raving idiot . . .and you know why?  My daughter had sucked my brains out through my nipples.  You can’t make this stuff up!  So why now, after 20 years, have I acquired a brain Einstein would be proud of?  Maybe aliens came down and are using me as a test dummy.  Seems appropriate. . . maybe I had a secret filing cabinet in the back of my head that was miss filed all these years and when I clocked myself on the head with a shoe (don’t ask) I jarred the filing cabinet open.  I don’t know; but I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  I should go share my brilliance with the world . . .or. . . I could go shopping. . .being fabulously smart is exhausting!


2 Responses to brain cells and shopping

  1. Nancy McKneely says:

    I have been sitting here in laughter tears! Your blog is soooo funny, and I love your dolls and your whimsical outlook on life. Please know that if laughter is the best medicine, my Gallbladder problem is now healed! Thank you!

    • joey says:

      Hey Nancy,

      Now that I realized I need to “approve” the blog comments (go figure. . .I have no filter with my mouth; but my blog does!) Anyhoo. . .thanks for the reply, it’s been one of those days and your email made me happy! Hope you are having a fabulous day!