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Belts, Buckles and Crazy

beltsI just designed these fabulous new belt buckles using vintage jewelry pieces.  I love them so much I hope no one buys them so I can hoard them all in my closet.  So of coarse as soon as I put that out in the universe, I sold two.  I feel I should do a background check on the customer.  “How will you wear it?”  “Will you hang her up correctly when she is not being worn?”  “Can I have visitation rights?”   I am smart enough (sometimes) to know if I want to have a successful store, I need to peddle my wares.  But here’s the thing, as an artist, I either love what I create and I don’t want to let it go or I design something that I thinks sucks so much I would never want anyone to have it, let alone pay money for it.  And the other psycho thing I’ll do is under charge for a design because I think no one will buy it and then someone comes in, doesn’t blink at the price, takes it home and I think to myself “why didn’t you charge more”  Really??? Hello, the looney bin called and wants their jacket back!   I truly think that the older I get the crazier I become, the sad thing is with peri-menopause in route, I can’t remember!  So I guess the question of the day is . .  Is it ever possible to be at peace with our decisions?

Some days should come with a delete button!

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I decided on a whim to open a store with this brilliant idea that I would make everything.  In my head this was the best idea ever.  Instead of being in my pjs in my studio all day talking to myself, I could get dressed and wear make up, talk to women and sell my crap and make money.  What the hell was I thinking???  I signed a year lease and two weeks later moved into the store.  I originally called it Artsy Fartsy, my mother wasn’t keen on the name so the day before I opened, I changed it to Funny Girl.  All I can say, as an artist. . . not one of my best decisions, and I am immersed in stupid decisions on a daily basis. I guess you can call it one of my gifts.  Now, if I could just learn and let it go, I would be fine. . . but nooooooooo . . . .I need to dwell, obsess and completely make myself crazy.  I’m pooped!   I think most artists feel they aren’t good enough and I am their queen!  Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of what I have done in a short period of time, but when you are sitting in your store looking out the window wondering why no one is coming in, you start to guess EVERYTHING you have ever done, pretty much since birth!  In between opening the store, I designed new dolly cards, a brand new line of greeting cards for Pictura and a new line called Wine, Women and Laughter for a dear friend of mine, Linda.  So why do I question myself and think I suck at everything????  Because, that’s how I feel right now.  Everything is triggering me and here’s a perfect example of why I need a lobotomy. . . Bob surprised me with a little puppy named Sadie two weeks ago.  I bring her to the store everyday and I have been spending a lot of time wee-wee training her, she is 2 pounds of cuteness.  But if she has an accident and tinkles on the carpet, I think I failed as an artist.  Seriously, WTF!  What does peeing on the carpet have to do with me as an artist?   I need to get out of crazy town before they start charging me taxes!  So, I ask you . . . Is it part of our wiring as a creative being to feel insecure about everything, to judge and question every move we make, do we need to suffer to create?