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Creating happiness

funny girl studio 2While sitting in my store looking at the loooong list of things I needed to do and didn’t want to do, I had an idea, a beautiful silly idea to go visit my studio in the back.  (It seemed like a lot more fun then cleaning the toilets or emptying the garbage.)  And there in the complete mess of things I saw balsa wood, outdoor fencing wire and paper clay, not too mention the other junk just laying around wanting to be glued, drilled or sewn onto other junk.  That’s when it hit me, my inner child said let’s make dolls.  So I did.  I have a theory . . .There’s this huge filing cabinet in my head that used to have useful information in it.  If you took an X-ray of my brain, you would find puppies, wine and a lot of dead brain cells I think, which is why I don’t worry anymore about what I or anyone else thinks.  Maybe it’s part of getting older and not caring. I just stopped over obsessing and criticizing my art thoughts.  I just create what I feel.  No rules!!!  So when I started this project I did have a couple mishaps.  (I never played with paper clay before so her nose fell off, her boobs slid down, pretty much the same crap that happens to me!)  But in the end, I ended up with two very funky inspiring dolls if I say so myself!  So I guess the lesson I learned today is “make art, don’t clean toilets!misfit moods be sillyMisfit moods I am strong





New philosophy . . .

new-philosopy-i-dont-givenew philosopy front of card












I am obsessed with glasses these days. . .probably because I can’t see crap without them.  And the worst thing is I am always loosing them (usually on my head!)  Or when I am having a really good day, you might catch me yelling in my store to anyone who will hear me “have you seen my glasses” and the reply is “they’re in your hand”  Oy!

In my head I look absolutely fabulous with glasses on, but then I look in the mirror and all I see are all those chin hairs that weren’t there the day before!  With that being said maybe my new philosophy should be “I don’t give a *#@%!” anymore.  Let those chin hairs grow long and proud.  I could add a bead or maybe even better, tie them to my eye glasses so I don’t loose them!