New philosophy . . .

new-philosopy-i-dont-givenew philosopy front of card












I am obsessed with glasses these days. . .probably because I can’t see crap without them.  And the worst thing is I am always loosing them (usually on my head!)  Or when I am having a really good day, you might catch me yelling in my store to anyone who will hear me “have you seen my glasses” and the reply is “they’re in your hand”  Oy!

In my head I look absolutely fabulous with glasses on, but then I look in the mirror and all I see are all those chin hairs that weren’t there the day before!  With that being said maybe my new philosophy should be “I don’t give a *#@%!” anymore.  Let those chin hairs grow long and proud.  I could add a bead or maybe even better, tie them to my eye glasses so I don’t loose them!



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