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mother plucker!

of coarse I'm a good motherI just had a giant fibroid taken out of me along with my fallopian tubes, or maybe it was my brain and my fallopian tubes!  Either way, I seemed to have gone into hormonal shock, questioning everything I have done in the past 51 years.  Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands and yes the morphine drip might of had something to do with it. . . In medical terms I went a little nuts.  I know as an artist slash mother we are not the norm, or maybe it’s just me.  I taught Zoe to play in the puddles, draw on the walls and make many mistakes which is quite like child abuse for her type of personality.  She is a child who has to follow the rules at all times!  And when I got divorced and starting acting like I was in my 20’s could be the reason she doesn’t want to date.  I can go on; but just in case my mother is reading this, I should quit while I’m ahead!  Somehow or another my fabulous child turned out ok and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I adored being a mother and  I love being an artist.  My dad said I came out of my mother chasing boys and holding a crayon. . . it’s all I know, it’s in my bones.  I guess I should give myself a break because if I wasn’t so nuts, maybe I wouldn’t see the world the way I do.  So to all mothers out there . . . I give you a big Woo Hoo!  And do yourself a favor.  Give your kids a pad and pen to write everything down so when they are in therapy in their 30’s blaming you for everything, at least they will get it right!


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