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Creative or just lazy?

don't bother me

don’t bother me

My problem is I’m always in a creative mood which makes getting real work done . . . well . . how do I day this?  Ummm . . .not done!  I started my day out with a cup of coffee and my computer.  So far, so good!  Then I saw a couple old cookie tins in my studio yelling “cut me”. . . So I did!  Needless to say, 6 hours later, I’ve done not a lick of grown up work and now I am the proud owner of 6 necklaces and no money coming in for the day.  I would fire myself; but then who will do the HR paperwork?

metal heart necklace with pearlmetal heart necklace happymetal heart let go

metal heart necklace-bemetal heart necklace memetal heart necklace i am strong

2 Responses to Creative or just lazy?

  1. Candy Muth says:

    Fantastic. You need to hire someone to do the Adult things so you Can Create yourself SILLY!