Dollymama has an Etsy store!

Well, I did it!  I opened a dollymamas by joey llc Etsy store and I had waaaaaaay too much fun doing it!   This is how it accidentally happened.  I made a big flower pin and earrings out of vintage fabrics for an outfit I was going to wear.  I got so many compliments that I decided to make them.  My studio became a fabric disaster.!   Now I was the proud owner of a lot of brooches and earrings and I wasn’t’ sure what I was going to do with them.  So I opened a store.  Who knows if you don’t try!

joey's studio

joey’s studio


Now, because I love displays, (I couldn’t just put them in a box and ship them off), I hand drew a dollymama on an 8″ x 10″ canvas an attached the jewelry.  Brilliant!   Each piece comes with a story of who she is and her name.  Here’s an example . . . I also added cell phones bags and a couple Man gifts!

dollymama brooch and earrings

dollymama brooch and earrings

dollymama cell phone bag

dollymama cell phone bag


dollymama man "not listening"

dollymama man “not listening”

If you are interested in seeing more, come check out my Etsy store.


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