Happy Fabric Hoarder

I am a fabric hoarder.  I have two full dressers, an armoire and 15 cubbies full of fabric.  One can never be too sure when a fabric life emergency may come up and I can honestly say. . . I am prepared!  I feel as an artist and designer, I have the gift of making the best excuses on why I just had to have the fabric and when someone is asking “What are you making?” I replay . . .”I don’t know” with a surprised look of, do I need to know?  It’s pretty and it makes me giddy, is that not enough?

My agent, oh how I love saying that . . .it makes me feel so grown up!  So my agent Suzanne contacts me about designing a fabric line for a client who manufacturers quilting fabric.  I almost fell out of my chair, me. . . .designing dolly mama fabric . . . me?  I literally did the happy dance in my PJ’s.  So many ideas were spinning in my head.  Where to start . . . hummmmm . . . panic . . . and that’s where I started.  What do I know about fabric design?  After I calmed down the negative voices and realized I do know a lot about fabric. . . helloooooooo . . . fabric hoarder.

That’s when the fun began.  After my menopausal meltdown I started pulling dolly images that I would love to see made into fabric.  Originally waaaaaaaay back when, I stored all my original drawings into binders, now everything is in files on my computer.   The dolly mamas are still hand drawn, than scanned into Photoshop so I can fix all the mistakes. (Mostly coffee stains that I spilled or when I got a little rambunctious and colored outside the line.)  Once everything is in Photoshop, I can start to put together the whole design.  Sometimes it works and other times I feel I should just get a job at Starbucks and call it a day!  But the creative fairies calm me down and in the end, it always works out. . .it always does. . . Just maybe not how I planned. (Yes. . . I am working on the “control thing”!)

Before I send my designs off into the manufacturing world, I will give them a 24 hour break.  There are many times I come back to a design and think “was I smoking crack”?  I tweek everything and off it goes.  Then I wait until I receive a mock up of my work.  Once it’s approved, my job is done and I’m off to create something else or go junk shopping.  Months later when the box of fabric shows up at my door, I will explode with happiness and add it to my collection . . . well, unless my mom comes over and takes it all.  Hi, my name is Joey and I am a fabric hoarder.

I would like to send a big shout out to Janet Andersen and her crew for fixing any misspelled words and mistakes on my layouts.  To my fabulous agent Suzanne Cruise and to Cranston Quilting Fabrics for giving me this wonderful experience!

My dolly mama quilting fabric collection will be coming to quilting stores early fall of 2018.  I’ll keep you in the loop when it gets near.






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