Hello Fabulous Retailers...Interested in placing a wholesale order? Scroll down to see all the wonderful manufacturers I have partnered with. Your store will thank you.

-Fun Fact: The dolly mamas and I have been making people laugh for over 22 years now.                                                                     

-Over $30,000,000.00 dolly mamas have been sold since I've started...What?..I know...crazy!

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Party Products

The beistle company

They are an American manufacturer that makes the happiest party paper products ever!  

 I designed so many themes, your customers will easily find what they are looking for to make their next party unforgettable. 

Type in "dolly" in their search keywords.

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Greeting Cards


Pictura and I have been working together since 2001. Their quality is off the charts crazy! Their greeting cards are glittered, foiled and embossed!  Don't even get me started on the fun envelope!  You won't be disappointed!

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Towels, Coasters, Pillows

CJ Bella co

They are fabulous American made manufacturer that sells all kinds of fun stuff for your house and car.  FYI...A little birdy told me they will be selling dolly mama canvas wall/table art very soon. Happy dance!

Joey Heiberg, dolly mamas by joey, ceramics, whimsical, teapot,  coffee cups, cake plate, cookie jar

cosmo gifts

I am in awe of the beautiful quality of Cosmos ceramics.  I designed vases, coffee &tea cups, tea pots, make up holders, cake plates, salt & pepper shakers, cream & sugar sets, cookie jars etc. A happy gift for yourself or your customer!

Type in "dolly" under search.

Metal Postcards

The Metal Cards Company

Yep...you read correctly...these are metal postcards made in the UK....they can be mailed like a normal postcard; but because they are metal, you can keep them forever!  Brilliant!

Joey Heiberg, dolly mamas by joey, funny, women, magnets, funny sayings, ephemera, dolly mamas

Ephemera inc

My magnificent magnet manufacturer.  They are also an American made company who I am grateful to work with. 

PS...the magnets on this refrigerator are closer than they appear :)  

Their true sizes are 2.5" x 3.5". 

Joey Heiberg, dolly mamas, dolly mamas by joey, funny, women, tumblers, funny sayings, smile

smile drinkware usa

American girl owned!  Not only that...her tumblers are toxic free, dishwasher safe and insulated...drink your coffee, rinse add alcohol!

I call them morning into night tumblers.  Great seller in any store!